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Calendee Paris
Added: 2012-05-23

This one is an old project which has been reborn recently ;-) Calendee is build out of 49 original photos taken in Paris and connected together with high quality transparent,...

Kind of neon
Added: 2012-05-18

I've got a neighbor, very clever guy who build the small wooden house in his garden to store garden tools and so on. But once, having a beer in his...

Added: 2012-05-18

This is funny story. I was having a relaxing smoke in the office talking to other smokers when suddenly somebody brought an idea of limiting our smokings. Immediately after I...

Wood log lamp
Added: 2012-05-18

I don't really know why I decided to build that thing :-) I guess it was because I needed a night table lamp for my warsaw's flat. This way or...

Added: 2012-05-18

I always wanted to build my very own gokart. Last spring the time to finally do that has come.
I decided to use metal, welded chassis in a shape of two...

Tap lamp
Added: 2012-05-17

One day I was cleaning my flat and found some broken kitchen tap. I thought it'd be nice to create a tap shaped lamp and as this particular one was...


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