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La metamorphose des materiaux
Added: 2008-12-29

That was a great exhibition! I would like to write about live in Paris but first of all let me share with you my impressions about the exhibition I found when I was looking for some nice place for lunch ;-) So, I was just walking around the 4th district to discover some new steak restaurant when I found this place!

At the top of the entrance there was a big sign says the
its for free!
Its something for me, I thought ;-) and with pleasure entered inside. I was completely suprised about what I saw inside. A lot of independent art, a lot of lightings, sculputers made in metal or other weird things made from old rubbish things like motor shock-absorbers ;-)

Wanna see?

Just visit http://saloncourtcircuit.com/

A few examples below:

http://www.thierryderoche.com - a guy who is making a robots ;-) Brilliant!!!

http://keaton.phpnet.org/brian/site.html - great lamps & lightening

http://axtom.modwest.com/heox/home.html - another lamps.

Enyoj it! C U Later!


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