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Ali G - english dictionary
Added: 2009-11-23

Ali G slanguage to english dictionary

As I'm recently a big fan of Ali G show I would like to share with you the list of cool slang words he's...

Money talks ;-)
Added: 2008-11-16

And now a few useful words about how to get rich ;-) No, I'm sorry - how to describe rich people only ;-)

As rich as
filthy rich

Dog- your best friend
Added: 2008-11-10

this one is about Dogs - The best human friends ;-) Of course in slang there is much more than only one meaning describing the relations between dogs, humans...

Added: 2009-11-23

This is the explanation of why you can say 'audi5' if you want to say goodbye ;-) This is my favourite slang word. Unfortunately there is no many people especially...

Smartie Pants
Added: 2008-10-20

A few words to describe person or behaviour in a school. Very useful if you want to laugh at your friends ;-)
. . . . . . ....

Lets mosey on out
Added: 2008-10-20

Here you can find how to funny describe a situations concerning parties, dealing with the friends, etc.
. . . . . . . . . . .__ _ _ -...

Cows & Horses
Added: 2012-05-18

this article is about how to use the slang words mentally connected with a horse and a cow. Its really useful coz at least I know how to say that...


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