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Cows & Horses
Added: 2012-05-18

this article is about how to use the slang words mentally connected with a horse and a cow. Its really useful coz at least I know how to say that somebody is eating like a pig in a bit politely way ;-)

A few useful words with an explanation:

High horse
- people on a high horses think they are better in some way then others.
You can say them: Hey You! Get off your high horse!

Hold your horses
- in other words - hold on, stay cool

straight from the horse's mouth
- means something is directly from the source ;-)

to eat like a horse
- means to eat a lot but not making a mess like a pig ;-) If you're really hungry then probably you'll eat like a horse ;-) Maybe during that you can sweat like a pig ;-) but this is other thing ;-)

My favourte one:
horsing around
- means to running around, making a big mess like a small kid and fooling around. I think the better is to say MONEKYING AROUND - you wanna know what it means? Come and MeetTheMonkey!(.com) ;-)

put the cart before the horse
- means you did something wrong!

Lets move to cows ;-)

Holy cow
- you can use it instead of holy shit

cash cow
- if your business is going very well and you have a lot of money then probably you're a CASH COW ;-)

bull in a china shop
- describes a clumsy person who has two left-hands. Like me ;-)


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