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Dog- your best friend
Added: 2008-11-10

this one is about Dogs - The best human friends ;-) Of course in slang there is much more than only one meaning describing the relations between dogs, humans and monkeys ;-)

Lets start with the wicked one -
Dogs bollocks
- you probably know what the bollocks means (if not check the dictionary ;-) but this one means something really great, cool and wicked!

My favourite one is the description of the cure for your day after handover -
Hair of the dog that bit you

And you have to use above mentioned sland words because we live in the
Dog eat dog World
where the competition and not nice approach to other people is something normal.
Very ofert you have to use the words like
Damn it!
, but better use something more sophisticated like
doggone it

Hey, this article is getting to be only for a birds so maybe I should stop this
a dog & a pony show
and better do something more useful ;-)
No way!
I wanna be a
Top dog!
in this ;-)

So even when it will be raining cats and dogs
I will continue my mission and will have a
Dogs life
forever! :-)


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