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Money talks ;-)
Added: 2008-11-16

And now a few useful words about how to get rich ;-) No, I'm sorry - how to describe rich people only ;-)

As rich as
filthy rich
for example. They are so disguistingly rich, they areso
that probably they have no bloody idea how to
all this money.

They have a lot
money to burn
and this is completely different situation as monkeys
paying though the nose

I dont know but maybe they have
greased the palm
which means to bribe somebody. I know how to bribe with bananas but this is not the same situation coz I'm still not on the
gravy train ;-)

When you catch the gravy train, which means you found the way how to earn a lot without any heavy work - please let me know ;-)

We can
rolling in the dough
but only when you earn the money in hand over fist way.

But for now - I'm clean out ;-)


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